Cutting gluten from your diet? Cut costs too!


Staying gluten-free on a budget can be difficult. As published by ABC News, studies have revealed that a four-person family requiring a gluten-free diet will pay up to 17% more on food than a family without food intolerances.

Source: Kelly Lambert, University of Wollongong           

Although many have advocated for a push to ease the financial burden on gluten-free households, more work is needed for a concrete proposal to be made.

In the meantime, here are some tips for staying gluten-free, cost-free:

  • Eat whole, naturally gluten-free foods such as vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and gluten-free grains- making sure that these foods are in season will ensure that they are even cheaper.
  • Buy in bulk, and keep informed about sales: local supermarkets often have gluten-free sales, especially around Coeliac Awareness week.
  • Try to cook meals from scratch- this also minimises the danger of cross-contamination- and don’t be afraid to freeze leftovers!
  • Choosing simple and filling meals can be a great way to cut costs- high-carb grains such as rice can be good to pad out a meal, while keeping the number of ingredients relatively low.
  • some great recipes for staying cost-effective!
  • Websites such as offer a 10% discount with your first order, and are guaranteed wheat and gluten free!
  • Check out to make sure that certain brands are available in your state.


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