GluteGuard is a new and innovative dietary supplement aimed at providing symptom relief for people suffering from gluten sensitivity. The culmination of decades of Australian clinical research and the subject of clinical studies involving institutions including the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia and university hospitals in Warsaw and Lodz in Poland, GluteGuard utilises the natural enzyme action of Caricain– found in the Carica papaya plant– to facilitate the targeted breakdown of gluten peptides. With its smooth enteric coating, GluteGuard is absorbed by the gut and assists in preventing the symptoms of gluten intolerance. For more information, please refer to www.glutagen.com/about-gluteguard-sci. Please note that in Australia, dietary supplements are also referred to as ‘complementary medicines’.
When taken with a meal, GluteGuard tablets are ingested along with the food and pass through the digestive tract to the gut. This process is enabled by GluteGuard’s smooth enteric coating, which gives GluteGuard the ability to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. Once in the gut, the enteric coating dissolves, and the enzymes are released and exposed to gluten molecules, actively breaking down the gluten at specific points within the molecule into smaller, easier-to-digest parts. By digesting gluten in this way, GluteGuard helps alleviate unpleasant symptoms that result from gluten ingestion.
GluteGuard is intended for adults above 18 years who suffer from gluten sensitivity or intolerance. It is recommended for anyone seeking relief from the symptoms of gluten ingestion, anyone wanting to maintain a gluten free diet, or anyone looking to offset the possibility of gluten cross-contamination (e.g. dining out, travelling, visiting friends).
No, GluteGuard is intended to be a helpful adjunct to support a gluten-free diet and is not intended to replace a gluten-free diet. People on a strict gluten-free diet should maintain that diet.
The recommended adult dosage for GluteGuard is one (1) GluteGuard tablet with each meal or as advised by your healthcare professional. The GluteGuard tablet should be taken just prior to eating or with the first mouthful of food. This enables the enzymes to be released from the tablet at the same time as your food reaches the gut, thereby allowing inadvertent gluten in the meal to be broken down. In clinical studies, tablets taken either slightly before or at the beginning of a meal were shown to be effective at alleviating symptoms due to gluten ingestion. It is recommended that use of GluteGuard be limited to 4 tablets per day.
Gluten is naturally occurring in wheat, barley, rye and other cereal grains. Gluten can also be found in products that contain ingredients based on these grains and/or products that have been manufactured in an environment where gluten may be present. No matter the particular source of gluten in food, GluteGuard is formulated to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of gluten ingestion.
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