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Brooke’s Gluten-Free Story

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Oh my gosh, I love you! Thank you so much. I don’t have to decline morning tea in social groups, and I can eat something when I’m out without having three days of pain afterwards. I keep a few in my handbag so I’m always prepared. I feel somewhat normal again – quite the feat given I have other complex chronic illness.”

Kylie C, NSW, Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “This has been a life changing product for me. I have been able to take myself and school children on interstate and overseas trips because I could confidently know I was not going to be incapacitated with gluten ingestion and have to be 2 minutes from a toilet. I have and continue to recommend this product to my GF friends and work colleagues. I call them my “magic tablets” because they “magically” allow me to live the life I want to lead.”

Colleen H, New Zealand

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “I love your product! It has changed my life, which I am sure you have heard literally hundreds of times! However, as I do a lot of travelling the large bottle is so bulky in my handbag and takes up so much room that I am wondering if you can manufacture a smaller bottle of, say, 10 tablets.

I feel this handy size would also suit someone who just wants to try GluteGuard before they outlay $45 for a large bottle. Just a suggestion that I think is worth considering”.

Rhonda P., VIC, Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ My father, Dr Brian M., met your team at Digestive Diseases Week in Washington DC. and you gave him a sample of GluteGuard.  After a year of expereince with your product, I can honestly say that it truly does help during times when cross contamination could be a problem.  I missed taking GluteGuard once and wound up having a terrible dermatologic reaction to cross contaminated food. I will ALWAYS carry GluteGuard with me from now on.”

Izzy M, USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “I love this product! It helps me so much, really minimises any discomfort and pain and helps digest. It allows me to enjoy life and I always feel safe when travelling, I’m lost without it! Highly recommended to anyone suffering from Gluten intolerance, it’s amazing ! Also the customer service is wonderful, thanks for accommodating me when I ordered my Gluteguard last minute before a trip overseas.”

Hayley F, VIC, Australia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “GluteGuard has been such a game-changer for me. Having followed a strict gluten-free for over 13 years now (due to experiencing headaches, muscle aches, extreme fatigue, and painful bloating after ingesting even a small amount of gluten), being able to simply pop a GluteGuard before eating a potentially gluten-contaminated meal has been amazing! To give just one example, I used to experience stomach pains after eating pizza with a gluten free base (and gluten free toppings), due to what I assume was cross-contamination in the kitchen. Ever since using GluteGuard, however, I no longer suffer these symptoms! There have also been times that I have inadvertently consumed gluten due to others’ lack of understanding and vigilance and have suffered no ill-effects thanks to GluteGuard! So very thankful for this product!!”
Miranda C, NSW, Australia
In the past two years I have been to Japan twice. The first time I did not have Glutagen with me. I was as careful as I could be. I carried an allergy card which explained in Japanese that I couldn’t eat gluten, including wheat. I didn’t use soy sauce or eat noodles. I had milk and gluten free bars for breakfast each day. By the end of my two weeks I still came home with rashes, headaches and an upset stomach. The second time I went I had Glutagen with me and I took it whenever I was unsure- usually most days. I had no rashes, headaches or stomachache that time. It was fantastic. Now I always carry Glutagen in my purse in case I go out for a meal and get caught out and I always take it on holidays with me. It has taken all the anxiety out of eating out and traveling away from home. It is a fantastic product. Don’t leave home without it!
Rebecca W, VIC, Australia

‘I have learnt the hard way about how good gluteguard is . I recently ran out of some and have noticed symptoms of my intolerance coming back and it’s not nice. I am going to order again directly after writing this!! Thank you Glutagen!’

Jodie S, QLD, Australia.

I love GG, when dining out I don’t like making a huge fuss about my gluten related issues and I avoid gluten when ordering but as insurance I will take a GG before the meal and enjoy a symptom free time afterwards. Now I don’t go out or travel without GluteGuard!

Lindy W, NT, Australia
‘Having GluteGuard with me has reduced so much anxiety around eating out, at friend’s houses or cross-contamination in general. I’ve been able to eat foods in more risky situations and enjoy myself without feeling terrible the next day. So far I have a 100% success rate with GluteGuard!’
Ryan K, VIC, Australia

‘Recently I returned from a European holiday. It was difficult to find safe gluten free food over there and I was so thankful to have my GluteGuard and everything was fine. I spoke to a young Aust tourist in Greece who also struggles with gluten and showed her the Glutagen website. She hadn’t heard of the product.’

Robert R, VIC, Australia
‘I am Never without GlutGuard/ I hope this Company goes on forever. I have been Gluten Intolerant for all of my life, though for thirty years not diagnosed. Your product is very helpful.’
Jill T, QLD, Australia.

‘On several overseas trips over the past 2 or 3 years I’ve taken GluteGuard just before a meal and had no ill effects from gluten. Last  year I took them on a caravan holiday to outback NSW and again I was able to eat just about anything with confidence thanks to my trusty GluteGuard pills to hand. Thank you so much for giving me back my enjoyment of travelling.’

Janet T, VIC, Australia

‘Gluteguard has reduced the anxiety that I would get when dining out. I take a tablet before my meal, and can then relax and enjoy my meal knowing that any cross contamination won’t be a problem!’

Sarah O, NSW, Australia.

‘What can I say?! This has really worked for me! I am so happy I got to know about this product from a friend of mine. If you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to do so!’

Cecilia G, Mosta, Malta

‘I use GluteGuard it if I am not sure about something and have no way of finding out, or any other options. So far, it’s kept me from getting sick eating some questionably GF stuff!’

Ben M, WA, Australia.

‘I use Glutagen when I am traveling for business and have dinners at restaurants. Nice piece of mind.’

Sue S, Webster, USA, June 2018.

‘I experience gluten intolerance and try to avoid all contact with gluten. Cross-contamination is always a concern. I tried GluteGuard and find it really helpful when I eat out and contamination has occurred. No severe bloating nor stomach cramping as a result. Really glad this product was recommended to me. Thanks.’

Nigel P, VIC, Australia.

‘This product is a god send! I have multiple food intolerance’s which sometimes leaves me wondering what to eat, I am so grateful I can take this product and feel good after a meal that could potentially leave me both bloated and in pain. My daughter has also just started taking it as she really struggles and is convinced this product is her life saviour!’

Sandy G., Auckland, New Zealand

“I eat out all the time, I ask all the right questions and am very selective about where I eat. Still, I’m often let down. Now with Gluteguard I can enjoy stress-free dining out, I don’t worry as I did previously did that small amounts of cross contamination will make me unwell”

Adam T, QLD, Australia.

This product worked surprisingly well for me, I took them on a recent overseas holiday where I knew asking for gluten free food would be lost in translation… i ate gluten multiple times without any obvious side effects. I really love these tablets!

Holly R., NSW, Australia

“This product has changed my life! No longer are the crippling stomach aches followed by any meal, or the general sluggish feeling. Three weeks on GluteGuard and I haven’t looked back. Thank you so much!”

Amber S., NSW, Australia.
I haven’t actually received my glutegard yet, it’s stuck at the post office, please be warned that on top of your purchase price the U.K. Government charge 20% on imports over £15 and the post office charge £8 handling fee…it’s a complete rip off, not on behalf of glutagen, but on behalf of the U.K, just thought I’d warn every one, it’s such a shame, come on Glutagen, get into the UK market, and safe us from these ridiculous charges….
Helen S., Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

Dear Helen. Thank you for sharing your experience, we are very sorry to hear about these taxes… We are working very hard to introduce GluteGuard to the UK’s market and we hope to make it soon!

Glutagen customer service team

“I have just returned from a two week holiday in Japan. As a precaution, I took GluteGuard tablets with me just in case I suspected cross-contamination. Whenever I suspected an issue, I took a GluteGuard tablet. I had no bad reaction to the tablets nor did I have an issue with gluten. At last I can travel overseas again and eat what is on offer at the local restaurants and do so with a lot less fear of being made extremely ill. Thank you.”

Gary H., NSW, Australia.

‘I experience severe gluten intolerance and try to scrupulously avoid all contact with gluten. Cross-contamination is always a concern when eating in restaurants. Even though servers assure me food is gluten free, I would often get sore guts anyway because. I tried GluteGuard with skepticism (and hope, because I’m always hoping for some miracle..) One year and quite a few successful restaurant visits later, I’m really happy to report that these things do work! I just ordered 3 bottles to get the free shipping. These pills won’t allow you to freely eat gluten. But they do help people who have reactions to microscopic amounts of gluten’.

Lisa A., Toronto. Canada.

‘I came across GluteGuard on line and was excited to get some, as my wife is really sensitive to gluten. We had been using another product but hadn’t been able to get it for a few years. Cross contamination seems to be the worse. People hear gluten-free and just think you’re on some diet. We have had to make many fast pit stops to find a washroom or a side road because the food was not prepared separately.

Everything went great with GluteGuard when she used it at a restaurant that was gluten sensitive but not gluten-free. The only problem was later that night when we got home at about 2 in the morning she got severe cramps. We tried GluteGuard a couple more times with the same result. It seems just to prolong the inevitable and she gets sick. Unfortunately, she has had to quit using GluteGuard. We had hoped it would help as we are on the road a lot, but the after effects are not worth it.’

Alex W., Alberta, Canada.

‘GluteGuard is the best thing ever. I suffer from severe intolerances and have taken GluteGuard before eating at some restaurants when I have been in doubt about their food or possible cross-contamination. They have been a life saver. My wife has them on hand in her bag just in case, I never leave home without them!’

Graham M., SA, Australia.

‘My 24 year old son has gluten intolerances and would not eat out at cafes or restaurants for fear of gluten cross-contamination. I purchased some GluteGuard in the hope that we could change this behaviour and its been a lifesaver. He still adheres to a strict GF diet, but can now eat a GF meal out and take the GluteGuard in case of contamination. It really has given him more options socially. Thank you very much’

Kim F., QLD, Australia.
I read about the science of GluteGuard, the culmination of clinical research by Professor Hugh Cornell. Glutagen caught my eye because I have Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease.-naturopaths, pharmacists and functional medical doctors state that I should not have gluten while my endocrinologist says there is no medical evidence to prove this theory. GluteGuard is a fantastic supplement that I carry in my handbag all the time because I travel a lot and eat out often. GluteGuard really helps when a  prepared meal by a restaurant and I don’t know if gluten has been added. If I don’t take the Glutagen when needed then my body bloats. Thank Professor Hugh Cornell I really do appreciate your research.
Anne C., NSW. Australia.

‘I have just begun to use GluteGuard after my partner discovered the product on the internet. We have just returned from the Margaret River region where we enjoyed the festivities at the Gourmet Escape. Usually when travelling, I am very restricted with what I can and cannot eat, and I am always on the lookout for hidden sources of gluten e.g. Soy sauce and dressings.  That bottle of pills will be travelling with me from now on and I will make sure I always have one or two tablets tucked into my handbag for impromptu dining. Thank you!’

Bernice M., Otago, New Zealand

‘I’m extremely happy to have found GluteGuard. I’m a food and travel freelance writer, so being diagnosed with gluten-intolerance was downright inconvenient! Now with GluteGuard I can still eat at my favourite restaurants around the world- requesting GF options of course- plus being adventurous in trying various ethnic dishes without having the usual angst of cross-contamination (especially when eating out in a large group. One can eat the most healthy dishes in the world, but if you eat under stress, this will do your digestion system no good. Thank you for this product so that I can feel “normal” again, having fun eating out with friends and during my travels!’

Laurinda E., Auckland, New Zealand.

‘I recently enjoyed a long awaited trip to Italy and Greece- yes, the lands of pizza, pasta, pastry, you name it- a foodie paradise, but not for someone with gluten sensitivity! I was very careful on the trip to inform anyone serving food to me that I was severely gluten sensitive, and in Italy they had a very good understanding of this, but Greece was another story. I had no confidence in Greece that there was any level of understanding of my dietary restrictions, so thank goodness I had my GluteGuard with me. I took it with most meals when I was away,  and the single time I didn’t (because the restaurant seemed to have a good understanding of gluten-free and a large gluten-free menu) was the time I was ‘glutened’ and because very sick. Moral of the story- don’t risk it! Cross contamination is too common, and so easy to avoid with just one little tablet. Thank you GluteGuard- you made my trip worry free!!’

Kerry F., QLD, Australia.

‘GluteGuard has enable me to live a full and happy life again. It was stressful on holiday going from one restaurant to the next to find something gluten free. Being a vegetarian as well made it difficult. Now I can go out for dinner or go on holiday with my tablets knowing that I am not going to suffer crippling stomach pains. I can wear flattering clothes because I haven’t got a bloated stomach all the time. It has made such a difference to my life and I tell everyone about them’

Julia R., WA, Australia.

‘This is my first bottle of GluteGuard. I have two tablets in my handbag always and take one before eating when I am out. Results so far are excellent in dealing with mild discomfort if there is cross contamination’

Margaret W., NSW, Australia.

 ‘GluteGuard has been amazing in turning around how I travel, dine out and socialise. I used to travel a lot but after diagnosis it was just too worrying even though I did all the research and safeguards, I would get sick from cross-contamination. Now I don’t worry about this anymore, I have done trips and taken all the usual precautions with a GluteGuard for each meal and been fine. I also use GluteGuard when dining out or if going to the pub with friends, just in case beer gets dripped into my drink or was on the server’s hand etc. GluteGuard has really changed how I feel about going out and I’m back to my old self!’

Sandy J., VIC, Australia.

‘A GF page on Facebook shared information about GluteGuard and recommended it. I decided to give it a go. I am gluten intolerant. If I do eat it, the glands in my neck instantly swell- the same day as any exposure, I also get a sore stomach and end up with really bad fatigue. I take GluteGuard ever time I eat out in a non-dedicated GF kitchen, just in case. They also allow me to enjoy functions like weddings and birthdays!’

Rachael R., NSW, Australia.

★ “Hi, I found these tablets made things worse.l have had three tablets and each time before l have tried some bread or a cake that l know had gluten in it and l payed the price it’s made things much worse …”

Glenn, VIC, Australia.

Dear Glenn. Please note that, as stated in GluteGuard’s label, the product is not recommended for the intentional ingestion of gluten-containing foods. While GluteGuard can help to break down significant quantities of gluten proteins, GluteGuard should be used as protection from inadvertent gluten ingestion while following a gluten-free diet.

Glutagen customer service team

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