‘GluteGuard has been amazing! I have baffled my friends and family when dining on foods that are not gluten free, I have no symptoms afterwards if I take GluteGuard! I still remain on a gluten free diet but this has been amazing while travelling the States and dining out, it can be so hard to find gluten free sometimes, I was in the States for 2 weeks and the majority of meals I ate were not safe. Highly recommend it, this actually works!!!

Katrina F., Dunedin, New Zealand.

‘I have been using GluteGuard for 12 months, I found this product on the internet and it has been a life saver. Eating out is no longer a problem, it allows me freedom to have any food of choice. I am Gluten intolerant and Lactose intolerant and when eating out it can be tough so thanks to GluteGuard I now have freedom to eat so much more enjoyable food. Honestly your product is amazing I can’t thank you enough and either can my family no more FUSSY eating. I recommend those who have not tried this amazing product go ahead you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks again !!!’

Jackie A,, NSW, Australia.

‘Thanks so much for your comment Jackie! We’re happy to hear that GluteGuard has helped you- please make sure to remember that GluteGuard is intended as a helpful adjunct for your gluten-free diet, not a replacement of it.
Keep us updated about your GluteGuard experience, we love receiving your feedback!

Glutagen customer service team

“I have been using GluteGuard for 4 months now. It’s absolutely brilliant! I’m just home from 3 weeks in the USA and I had no food problems with cross contamination at all when taking this. The only time I didn’t use it was in a dedicated gluten free cafe for Coeliacs (which managed to gluten me). I absolutely recommend this product, and for me it’s just an essential item that I will not travel or eat out without taking.

Thanks GluteGuard”

Sharon G., Canterbury, New Zealand.
Twice now I have responded to special offers for 3 bottles of Glutagen and received only 1 bottle of 60.
Quite a profitable business for Glutagen, not so good for the customer, and as I live in New Zealand, very difficult.
The Glutagen company do not ship with tracing and it is not practical to prove that an order did not arrive and also the picking and packing of orders does not provide proof of contents.
Donald J., Auckland NZ

Hi Donald,

We apologise for the mistake. We have been experiencing a few issues with our logistics system and we are working hard to fix them. We delivered the remaining bottles using courier express shipping as soon as you informed us. They should arrive shortly.

Also, in regards to tracking your orders, please note that at the checkout stage of your purchase you can select a shipping service that includes tracking.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Glutagen customer service team.

Glutagen customer service team
Gluteguard is a life saviour! After experiencing the worst brain fog and tummy ache, it’s very traumatising now for me to eat even at my own home. I would always prepare the same food that I know it’s safe for my tummy. With Gluteguard, I can now enjoy my meal and not having to worry about bloating and tummy pains. Just came back from my NZ holiday and really enjoyed my trip and dining out. Glad that there’s a lot of restaurants and cafes that offer GF foods in their menu. No more fears of cross contamination with Gluteguard. Awesome!
Diana T., ACT, Australia.

“Hi I use GluteGuard, as it is by far the best to have when I am eating out, can enjoy the food without having to worry about cross contamination”
Thank you so much.

Wendy K., Vic, Australia.

I am not gluten intolerant, however I am wheat intolerant and suffer from IBS. I have just starting using your GluteGuard tablets and have so far found them to be very effective in my stomach problems. I shall be taking them with me when going on holidays or out to dinner as I have other food intolerances which can leave me with bad stomach cramps and bowel problems. Thank you for this tablet.

Sylvia E., SA, Australia.

“It is a fabulous product- for me, it is a life-change. My daughter uses it as well and it has been a godsend. Thank you”

Carmel H., NSW, Australia.

“This has been the most incredible product! It has allowed me the freedom of not worrying about cross-contamination at restaurants, and freedom I didn’t think I would ever have when travelling overseas’

Ella H., VIC, Australia.

‘It’s brought the joy of eating back into my life!’

Tanudja, QLD, Australia.

“Great product and I do not ever want to do without. Have given tablets to friends with stomach issues and they all have since bought Gluteguard. Amazing and thank you.’

Christine L., QLD, Australia.

“Thank you for making my life so much healthier – the stress of choosing where to eat when traveling for work and social reasons is so much more manageable now. I don’t need to worry about every breadcrumb or contaminated fryer being used”

Wendy S. , Pennsylvania, United States.

“I have started taking GluteGuard whenever I eat out and what a difference it has made! Even restaurants that seem clued up sometimes have a little cross contamination it would seem, because I often get adverse reactions. Since taking GluteGuard in these situations, I virtually never get a bad stomach after eating out any more. I always carry some around with me in a little pill case now in case of impromptu dining too”

Nigel A., Berkshire, UK.

“GluteGuard was perfect for my recent travels. My safety net.”

Peter P, NSW, Australia.

“I used GluteGuard while travelling abroad at Christmas – eating out all the time while over seas for a month GluteGuard was extremely helpful. I only take it now when I’m eating out’

David R., QLD, Australia.

“It’s an amazing product. I was totally sceptical but it worked 100% first and every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

John C., Glasgow Scotland.

“Great product and a lifesaver in those situations were you can’t be 100% sure if the product someone else is serving is gluten free.’

Jean S., QLD, Australia.

I love that I can carry it around when attending functions and know that I have an insurance policy if I don’t trust the source of the food. So called ‘chefs’ who don’t understand the whole concept of gluten free, are the real issue for me. This is particularly evident when attending workplace functions, when catered for ‘in-house’. As soon as I feel the stomach cramps begin, I take a GluteGuard tablet and get pretty much instant alleviation of the really painful symptoms.

Zita Y., VIC, Australia.

“YOU PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! On a low FODMAP diet and I’ve found it helps me digest FODMAP’s as well I honestly can’t thank you enough, I have the ability to travel places like Asia where I can’t ask if the meal has one of thousands of different foods I can’t eat. I just don’t know if I can explain to you how GluteGuard has changed my life”

Maddie C., NSW, Australia.

“I’m going holidays overseas soon and am so pleased to be able to use Gluteguard while I’m away and being able to take a tablet before each meal I can relax and enjoy our trip thank you.”

June C., NSW, Australia.

“Having the pill makes life much less stressful when travelling or at social events, reducing the need to be hypervigilant’

Therese M., Auckland, New Zealand.

“It has to be one of the most significant products of our time. No gluten intolerant person should leave home without it”

Derek H., WA, Australia.

“Now I can eat out at street food vendors when travelling, and although I still take care to order appropriately, I am able to digest the cross contaminated foods much better”

Rick M., QLD, Australia.

” I am pleased that I have them as a safeguard when I eat out, just in case there might be some cross-contamination or mistake in the kitchen that I am not aware of. I always take one just before one of these meals”

Sue M., VIC, Australia.

‘It has been an absolute saving grace.’

Laura G., VIC, Australia.

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! It really is life changing 🙂 ”

Caity C., VIC, Australia.

I have had a very good experience so far with GluteGuard. I previously had so many experiences going out and eating the ‘gluten-free’ option, only to spend days on the toilet afterwards because of a lack of understanding of cross contamination… now I am finally able to go out and eat! I take a GluteGuard before I go, and I can feel confident knowing that even if I inadvertently consume gluten, I will not be sick afterwards. I have even booked an overseas holiday, knowing that I can take GluteGuard with me and feel protected. Many thanks for developing this life-changing product!’

Kerry F., QLD, Australia.

‘I do like taking GluteGuard. It does make a huge difference. I feel a lot better and more confident eating out.’

Jana S., NSW, Australia.

“I absolutely think this is a fantastic product . thank you 😃
I have been using them since they became available
I use them when Im not sure if my food is contaminated with gluten via restaurant prep or when going to friends house for a meal again because of preparation
I’ve not had any symptoms when I’ve taken the tablet with the food on these Occassions .. So Thank you so much”

Anthea C., VIC, Australia.

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