“I’ve been using it for a couple of months, and when travelling or at a new restaurant it has certainly made a difference. Thank-you, and I’ve passed it along to others I know who suffer a gluten sensitivity”

Alex B., Florida, US.

“Have used Gluteguard several times now and all has been good, I wanted to try it before going overseas where I may not have access to a gluten free diet. I think the product is great and has allowed me to enjoy dining out without the hassle of asking all the questions that would normally accompany a meal. Just ordered more product.”

Marcia C., NSW, Australia.

“GluteGuard, WOW, I love it! I’m still wary and keep an eye on what I eat, but the freedom to join the girls for lunch is great”.

Jan C., NSW, Australia.

“Just to say a BIG thank you, these tablets actually work!! I only use them on hi days and holidays because of the expense but I have used them three times now and they have worked every time . No more bloated tummy, no more sickness and no more pains in my arms when eating “.

Amanda T., Essex, United Kingdom.

“GluteGuard is working for me so far and I’ve only been taking it for a week… five stars for this product!”

Abbie M., WA, Australia.

I have only used Gluteguard twice so far. The first time was in a situation where restaurant was not totally sure the product was GF- took a tablet, no repercussions,but ultimately none the wiser. Last night I knew my only alternative was to eat a dish with some wheat in it, took Gluteguard slept whole night without any stomach discomfort – totally

Nola W., VIC, Australia.

My sincerest thanks for a wonderful product that actually works and something that will benefit a lot of people that allows them to eat occasionally like a normal person without incurring the after effects you usually get. Your product takes all the hassle out of travelling, visiting friends, family etc. It is good to know you have a reliable back stop, should you require it. Again thank-you so much. My sister lives in Melbourne and I will be visiting her between Christmas and New Year. I have told her that she should not fret so much about my dietary requirements.’

Steve A., Otago, New Zealand.

“I am so glad I purchased GluteGuard. They have helped me when I have been unable to be entirely sure if I’m eating gluten free food when out and about. I haven’t had any side effects from using them.

I have recommended them to friends who are gluten intolerant as well.
Once again thank you”.

Loretta F., NSW, Australia.

“This product is amazing! Definitely something great to keep in my bag when I’m going out!”

Steph M., WA, Australia.

“I have only tried this on two occasions so far, with success. I remain on my gluten-free regime which I have well established now. Having this option available is really quite liberating as I can now agree to going out for meals to restaurants or visiting friends without playing Russian roulette about whether I am likely to feel unwell afterwards or not.
Well done”.

J.W, Surrey, United Kingdom.

“My Mum has been living a gluten free diet for many years now. However what we have found while the packaging and ingredients say gluten free there must be a slight contamination and so Mum often has reactions to this and is in pain. Having taken GluteGuard daily with each meal as recommended she is feeling better and only said this morning how comfortable she feels, it’s the best in months. While it is early days, thank you so much for the great product you have created. We will keep you posted with any updates, but will be sure to tell people and recommend the Glutagen product.

Thank you again.”

Nicole T., VIC, Australia.

“I was highly sceptical about GluteGuard as it sounded too good to be true. Gave it a go for my daughter and it actually works!!! It’s life changing for her”

Laura O., Dunblane, Scotland.

“It has stopped my cramps, and itchy skin is very rare. Impressed so far.”

Denise H, QLD, Australia.

“This is an amazing product- works brilliantly- a godsend for those with gluten sensitivity!”

Matt M., WA, Australia.

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