Our Company

Providing Innovations in Gluten Science

Glutagen is a biopharmaceutical company based in Melbourne, Australia. Glutagen’s primary focus is to provide clinically-relevant and scientific evidence-based complementary medicines to support the health and wellbeing of individuals with gluten-related issues. Glutagen’s holistic approach to personalised health involves the provision of the highest quality products, including its innovative dietary supplement, GluteGuard®, for gluten digestion

Our Philosophy

Enhancing lives through innovation

At Glutagen, our mission is to help all people who experience gluten digestion issues. We understand the significant impact gluten can have on quality of life and how challenging it can be to maintain a gluten-free diet. This is why we take seriously our commitment to providing the highest quality complementary medicines for gluten digestion.

For decades, our team has contributed fundamental knowledge to the global science of gluten digestion. Since the establishment of Glutagen in 2001, our scientists have further advanced gluten intolerance research – particularly in the area of digestive enzymes – with the discovery that caricain, a natural enzyme found in the fruit oleoresin of the Carica papaya plant, can break down gluten peptides into smaller, harmless fragments.

With dedication to evidence-based biopharmaceutical innovation at the forefront of its research, Glutagen has developed and patented the natural enzyme action of GluteGuard.

GluteGuard is supported by world-first clinical studies. As a fully Australian-owned and operated company, we are proud to support health and wellbeing through the provision of dietary supplements that are developed and manufactured in Australia with the highest global quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP).

Our continuing investment in gluten intolerance research is important, as the scientific and clinical advancements of today are sure to become the solutions that help gluten-sensitive and gluten-intolerant individuals in the future.

In all that we do, we aim to foster awareness and understanding among the wider community about gluten digestion and the challenges of living with the symptoms of gluten digestion issues.

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