Our Company

Glutagen is a biopharmaceutical company based in Melbourne, Australia. Glutagen’s primary focus is to provide clinically relevant and scientific evidence-based complementary medicines to support the health and wellbeing of individuals with gluten-related issues.

Glutagen’s holistic approach to personalised health involves the provision of the highest quality products, including its innovative enzyme supplement, GluteGuard®. Supported by world-first clinical studies, GluteGuard is suitable for anyone with any medical diagnosed gluten sensitivity.

Our Philosophy

At Glutagen, our mission is to help all people who experience gluten digestion disorders. We understand the significant impact gluten can have on quality of life and how challenging it can be to maintain a gluten-free diet. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality complementary medicines to support and enhance the quality of life of people with gluten related disorders.

With dedication to evidence-based biopharmaceutical innovation at the forefront of its research, Glutagen has developed and patented the natural enzyme action of GluteGuard.

Fully Australian-owned and operated company, our dietary supplements are developed and manufactured in Australia with the highest global quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP).

Continuing investment in research of enzyme therapy, gluten and its related conditions is important, as the scientific and clinical advancements of today are sure to become the solutions that help individuals with gluten related disorders in the future.

In all we do, we aim to foster awareness and understanding among the wider community about the common issue of accidental gluten ingestion and the impact this brings to the quality of life of people with gluten related disorders.

Our History

GluteGuard is the culmination of decades of Australian clinical and scientific research. Early work by Prof. Hugh Cornell illustrating the biochemical composition of gluten, has been instrumental to today’s understanding of gluten’s toxicity in gluten related disorders.

Prof. Hugh Cornell, a former Professor of Biological Chemistry at the RMIT University and Dr. Teodor Stelmasiak a veterinary pathologist with over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research, hypothesised that if the right enzyme is delivered to the gastrointestinal tract prior to the consumption of foods, it could complete the digestion of the toxic and immunogenic gluten peptides and protect patients against the effects caused by inadvertent gluten ingestion.

This was followed by the discovery of Caricain, which became the catalyst for the establishment of Glutagen by Dr Stelmasiak in 2001 and the subsequent development of GluteGuard.