Those following a strict gluten-free diet for medical reasons commonly find themselves suffering from symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion. Very small traces of gluten can trigger a wide variety of intestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms ranging from mild digestive problems to seriously debilitating cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, fatigue, headaches, skin eczema and rashes as well as a more serious and long-lasting intestinal damage. This results in a significant impact on health and quality of life.

What is GluteGuard?

GluteGuard is a natural innovative enzyme supplement that helps protect from the symptoms experienced when gluten is accidentally ingested for those on a gluten-free diet for medical reasons. GluteGuard is recommended for anyone maintaining a gluten-free diet and looking to offset the possibility of gluten cross-contamination when food preparation is out of their control.

Based on 40 years of Australian research and clinically proven, GluteGuard uses the natural power of the caricain enzyme, extracted from the skin of the papaya fruit (Carica Papaya), shown to target and breakdown the toxic and immunogenic peptides in gluten.

How does GluteGuard work?

When taken before a ‘gluten-free’ meal, GluteGuard’s natural enzymes are uniquely able to break down the key fractions of gluten commonly left undigested by the body gastrointestinal track, before these interact with the intestinal lining, causing the common symptoms and immune activation that leads to intestinal damage. As such, GluteGuard helps protects against symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion for those who follow a gluten-free diet for medical reasons.

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GluteGuard is not intended to replace the gluten-free diet, rather it provides an extra layer of protection against the symptoms caused by gluten ingestion.

How can GluteGuard help?

Studies show that despite sticking to a gluten-free diet, an alarming number of people regularly, consume gluten accidentally. GluteGuard is useful whenever you are concerned that your ‘gluten-free’ meal may have been contaminated with traces of gluten. These include, but are not limited to, eating at restaurants, at friends’ and family’s homes, takeaway, barbeques, picnics, shared kitchens, work places, when travelling, and even at home; when the food is prepared in the same kitchen where gluten containing meals are prepared.

Rather than worrying about being ‘glutened’ and suffering from symptoms due to hidden gluten, GluteGuard provides peace of mind to regain enjoyment and quality of life.

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