About GluteGuard

Despite sticking to a gluten-free diet, an alarming number of people regularly consume gluten accidentally,  impacting significantly on their health and quality of life.

Even very small traces of gluten can trigger a wide variety of intestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms ranging from:

What is GluteGuard?

GluteGuard is a natural, innovative enzyme supplement that helps protect from the symptoms experienced when gluten is accidentally ingested. Based on decades of Australian scientific research, GluteGuard is the only product clinically proven to help reduce the occurrence of symptoms in those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivities [1][2].

GluteGuard helps enhance your gluten-free diet but it is not a replacement for it.

How does GluteGuard work?

GluteGuard uses the natural power of the caricain enzyme, extracted from the skin of the papaya fruit (Carica Papaya).

When taken before a “gluten-free” meal, GluteGuard’s natural enzymes are uniquely able to target and break down the key fractions of gluten, commonly left undigested by the gastrointestinal tract, before they interact with the intestinal lining.

How can GluteGuard help?

GluteGuard is recommended for anyone maintaining a gluten-free diet and looking to protect against the impact of accidental gluten ingestion when food preparation is out of their control.

Rather than suffering and worrying about accidental gluten ingestion, GluteGuard provides extra protection and peace of mind to help support a fuller, more enjoyable gluten-free life. Common situations when GluteGuard can help include: