Top 10 Reasons To Use GluteGuard

With GluteGuard launch imminent and so many reasons to like GluteGuard, we thought a Top 10 List was in order.

  1. It helps. Gluten digestion issues and maintaining a gluten-free diet can be challenging. GluteGuard can help alleviate unpleasant symptoms due to gluten ingestion and enhance a gluten-free diet. Check out how GluteGuard works.
  2. It’s adaptable. GluteGuard is a clever way to help manage the hidden gluten or gluten cross-contamination in the diet. It can make travelling and dining gluten-free easier.  More About GluteGuard.
  3. It’s based in nature. GluteGuard’s natural, plant-based enzyme comes from the resin of the Carica papaya plant. More About GluteGuard.
  4. It’s driven by research. With decades of science behind it, GluteGuard’s natural enzyme has been demonstrated for the targeted breakdown of gluten. More on the Science of GluteGuard.
  5. It’s Aussie quality. An Australian scientific breakthrough, GluteGuard is formulated and manufactured in Australia. About Glutagen.
  6. It’s exclusive. No other brand can claim GluteGuard’s patented enzyme action for gluten digestion.
  7. It’s smooth. Smooth enteric coating means GluteGuard travels through the digestive system, untouched by the acidic environment, and enables the targeted breakdown of gluten in the gut.
  8. It’s “friendly”. GluteGuard is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan; no animal testing. More About GluteGuard.
  9. It’s preventive. GluteGuard can break down gluten before it becomes an issue in the gut. Discover the Science of GluteGuard.
  10. It’s socially conscious. A portion of every purchase goes back into gluten-related research, so the future of gluten digestion is brighter. Make every bottle count!

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