Despite maintaining a gluten-free diet, many still experience symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion that range from mild to severe including:

GluteGuard can help enhance your gluten-free journey

An innovative and natural enzyme

GluteGuard helps protect against the symptoms caused accidental gluten ingestion. GluteGuard is for anyone with any medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity.

Based on decades of scientific research

GluteGuard is the only product clinically proven to help reduce occurrence of symptoms. One tablet taken before a ‘gluten-free’ meal, GluteGuard’s enzymes break down the harmful parts of gluten before they cause symptoms [1][2]

*Click here to locate the clinical studies. [1][2]

‘I experience gluten intolerance and try to avoid all contact with gluten. Cross-contamination is always a concern. I tried GluteGuard and find it really helpful when I eat out and contamination has occurred. No severe bloating nor stomach cramping as a result. Really glad this product was recommended to me. Thanks.’ - Nigel P, Vic

‘What can I say?! This has really worked for me! I am so happy I got to know about this product from a friend of mine. If you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to do so!’ - Celia G, Malta

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